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Physical Traits: Chipmunks are related to ground squirrels. The eastern chipmunk has reddish brown fur with two dark stripes flanked by two white stripes on both sides of their back. The western chipmunk is smaller in size than its eastern cousing and has a lighter color fur. It also has a distinctive striped pattern of five stripes that alternate between light and dark in color.

Habitat: Chipmunks are a ground dwelling animal that digs tunnels (burrows) and lives most anywhere there is a food source. While they prefer woodlands, forest edges and brush, they are common around human structures. Their tunnels can be up to 30 feet in length. Their diet consists of of nuts, seeds, and grains. However, when they nest in more urban areas they are a regular guest at the bird feeder and in some cases will even adapt to human food.

Recommended Feeder: Platform Feeder

Feeder Tips: We suggest placing a platform feeder at ground level. Be sure to place the feeder on a platform that allows air to circulate under the feeder. You will also want to secure it to the platform to prevent tipping from larger mammals that will be attracted to the food in the feeder.

States and Regions Found: The eastern chipmunk is prevalent throughout southeastern Canada and the eastern US. The western chipmunk is resident from the Yukon and into Mexico. The single species of Eastern chipmunk, inhabits most of the eastern United States, and southeastern Canada.

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