Varied Thrush

Physical Traits

Varied Thrushes are large, boldly-patterned birds of the Pacific Northwest. The male is slate-gray above and orange below with a black band across the breast and an orange line over the eye. Wings are dark with two orange stripes. Legs are long and orange; bill is straight and dark. Females are similarly patterned, but with paler brownish gray and orange coloring.


The Varied Thrush lives and breeds in dense coniferous and mixed forests near water in the Pacific Northwest, migrating in winter to lowlands and into parks and gardens of California. They are usually seen foraging on the ground or in low shrubs and trees for worms and insects. They also feed on nuts and fruit in the fall and winter. Male Varied Thrushes sing while perched high on conifer branches.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

They prefer searching for insects and worms on the forest floor. Place a tray feeder with a cover to protect the seed low to the ground to attract these birds.

States and Regions Found

Pacific Northwest and California