Northern Mockingbird

Physical Traits

The Northern mockingbird is a slender, medium-sized songbird with a long tail. Its body is gray or brownish gray overall with light gray below. White patches on the wings and tail are especially noticeable in flight. A thin black eye line extends from its thin black bill through the eye.


The Northern Mockingbird is known for its singing, mimicking other bird species, and is common in backyards, parks and forest edges with open grassy areas for foraging and with thick shrubs for nesting. They are found in most of the continental United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Nests are cup-shaped, made of twigs and lined with grasses, leaves, and trash, sometimes including bits of plastic, aluminum foil, and shredded cigarette filters.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

 Their diet consists mainly of insects and berries. They may be found at feeders offering a mix that contains fruit.

States and Regions Found

From Northern California, eastern Nebraska, southern Ontario, and Maritime Canada southward. They winter in the southern part of this range.