Spotted Towhee

Physical Traits

The Spotted Towhee is a medium-sized songbird with black head, back, wings and tail (male). The chest and belly are white, and with white spots on the wings and back. The female is paler in places where the male is black. The most distinctive trait of this bird is the two footed backwards hop that is performed when they unearth seeds.


This towhee breeds in shrub and thicket habitats and can be found in desert elevations as well as coniferous forest areas.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Place a tray feeder in a protected area that offers the safety of trees or shrubs. The Spotted Towhee will be present near your feeder, feeding on dropped seeds.

States and Regions Found

The Spotted Towhee breeds from southern Canada (Pacific coast to Saskatchewan) and south to Texas, Mexico and Guatemala. They can be spotted (pun intended) from southern British Columbia to Colorado and east as far as Kansas and parts of Texas