Northern Cardinal

Physical Traits

The bright red crested male is unmistakable. Adults of both sexes have bright orange-red bills; bills of juveniles are brown. They have loud, slurred whistles. They are abundant throughout their range.


They forage in covered thickets. They're a shy bird and prefer eating from tray feeders with a sheltered roof or hopper feeders. Their nests area loose cups of twigs, leaves and bark placed in brush near the ground.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Cardinals prefer feeding on trays. We recommend using a feeder that is covered to provide protection to the food and refuge to the birds. Ground feeding can be risky for the bird, so place the feeder in an open area where he can easily detect danger. Provide cover with shrubs and trees for the birds to fly to safely.

States and Regions Found

They are located in the eastern United States and throughout Mexico.