Blue Jay

Physical Traits

Blue Jays are highly intelligent birds. They are a large crested blue bird with a black necklace across its pale breast. They are loud, bold and of a curious nature. 


Blue Jays are found in all kinds of forest but especially near oak trees; they’re more abundant near forest edges than in deep forest.  They’re common in urban and suburban areas, especially where oaks or bird feeders are found.  Their nests are a bowl of twigs and stems in a bush or tree.  Jays are usually found in family groups, searching for seeds, berries and insects on the ground in brush. 

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

They are happy to come to feeders with peanuts and other seeds. Planting oak trees will make acorns available for Blue Jays in the future. They gather acorns and shove them into the ground and recall where most are planted. Blue Jays also like to drink from birdbaths. 

States and Regions Found

They are found throughout the United States, except the southwest and California. They can also be found in southern parts of Canada.