Mourning Dove

Physical Traits

Doves have plump, brown bodies with small heads and long pointed wings and tails -- pigeon-like in appearance. Their wings whistle in flight. They are common and social except during the nesting season. They usually appear at the feeder in pairs and are named for their owl-like, mournful cooing song.


Their nests are flimsy twigs in shrubs. They lay only 2 eggs per clutch, but may nest 4 times a season. You can see them in suburbs, farmlands, meadows and at feeders eating millet and seed.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

We recommend a tray feeder as the Mourning Dove feeds primarily on the ground. Place in an area that provides cover from predators.

States and Regions Found

Southern Canadian border and extending through Central America and the Bahamas.