Oak Titmouse

Physical Traits

The Oak Titmouse is a small gray bird with a slightly brown tinge, plain gray face and a crest, dark eye and small bill. It is paler gray below with a long tail. It is almost identical to the closely-related Juniper Titmouse, which is slightly smaller and grayer. The Oak Titmouse was considered a subspecies of the Plain Titmouse, which was split into this species and the Juniper Titmouse in 1996.


The Oak Titmouse is an active and vocal bird habiting the warm, open, dry oak and oak-pine woodlands from southern Oregon to Baja California. Nests made of grass, moss, hair and feathers are built in a tree cavity, crevice or nest box. The species may be seen hanging upside down, foraging on bark and leaves.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Titmice are sure-footed and need no perches. We recommend a feeder with openings large enough for the titmouse's beak. Hang your feeder in or near a tree, and always use a squirrel guard, because sunflower seeds and nuts are squirrels' favorites, too.

States and Regions Found

California and southern Oregon.