Song Sparrow

Physical Traits

This little bird has heavy, brown streaks that converge to form a dark spot in center of breast. It has a "mustache" on each side of its head, and is gray and brown above. You can tell if it’s a Song Sparrow, because it pumps its tail in flight. While the females migrate, males do not.


Song Sparrows can be found in brushy cover, near water. It prefers a diet of seeds and invertebrates. Its nest is often located near water, built of grass and hidden in brush.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

As the Song Sparrow feeds primarily on the ground in or near the protection of dense underbrush and shrubs, we recommend you place a tray feeder in a protected open space with shrubs and trees nearby. The Song Sparrow will frequent feeders, nervously perching at the feeder and scavenging dropped seed below it.

States and Regions Found

They are located in much of North America except for the extreme north.