Steller's Jay

Physical Traits

It is a large songbird with a crest on its head of dark blue or black. Both male and female appear the same in shape and color. This noisy bird produces a variety of loud and brash calls.


It lives in coniferous forests, woodlands, orchards and gardens. Steller's Jays and Blue Jays are the only jays that use mud in building their nests. The nest is an open cup of twigs, leaves, moss and mud. They line their nests with roots, pine needles and hair while placing it near the top of branches close to the trunk.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Look for a feeder that accommodates a smooth food-flow when using foods with larger chunks. They prefer a feeder with a large area to perch.

States and Regions Found

It can be found from southern Alaska down the west coast of the United States to the mountains of Nicaragua.