Western Scrub Jay

Physical Traits

A familiar songbird of the American West. The Western Scrub Jay is large with a wingspan of 15 inches. It sports a blue head, wings and tail with a gray-brown back. It has a white colored throat with a blue necklace. Both male and female look alike.


This jay can be found in woodland areas, gardens and orchards and prefers scrubby, brush areas. They glean food from the ground and from the branches of shrubs. Just like the Acorn Woodpecker, this bird will store acorns each year to supplement its foraging when food is scarce.

Recommended Feeders

Feeder Tips

Feeders should accommodate a smooth food-flow. Look for this feature when purchasing a new feeder. Some products have small spaces making it difficult for larger chunks to move freely.

States and Regions Found

The Western Scrub Jay can be found from southern Washington and into Mexico. The eastern boundary is central Texas.