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Learn some common methods to identify America's most common wild birds.

Start attracting some of the most common birds to your backyard feeders.

Discover the natural nesting materials in your own backyard.

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Flying South: All you need to know about migration

Some birds are hardwired to make the trip at a specific time, others take cues from food supplies and warming temps.

Learn why some wild birds travel 1,000-mile or more to a warmer climate after each breeding season.

Did you know that some common birds such as Blue Jays, Flickers and Chickadees actually migrate? Learn how to uncover their movement.

Here are some tools to help you discover new species as migrating birds head for warmer climates.

How new methods of tracking bird migration patterns are helping us to understand whwere birds go each winter.

New research points to diet as a driver for fall bird migration.

Get to know these long-distance migrants as they make their way north to breed each spring.

Learn how the Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects birds and how you can take a pledge to make a difference for birds and our planet.

Here are some tips for creating a welcoming habitat for winter visitors to your feeders.

Fall migration season is prime time to catch some new visitors at your feeders. Here are some facts you might not know about this interesting phenomon.

Take note of songbirds as they announce the arrival of spring while searching for a mate and choosing a nesting site.

An analysis of songbird migrations by Cornell Lab of Ornithology researcher reveals new information about migration patterns for several Nprth American bird species.

Here's how to get ready for migrating birds returning from their winter homes.

Florida is a layover stop for birds migrating to south in the fall and winter, and back again, making it a top destination for bird enthusiasts. Here are some prime places to check out.

In fall, many birds begin to move from their spring and summer breeding grounds to their winter homes. Here are answers to your top 10 questions about fall bird migration in the United States.

The migratory habits of birds vary by species, families and even groups within families.

Change of season? Change your birdfood!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to pack in the binoculars and board up the birdhouse.

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