Each fall, about 350 species of songbirds migrate long distances from their breeding area to spend the winter in warmer climates. Some species are driven by food. Insectivores, in fact, will leave when the supply of insects starts tapering off in the colder weather. Birds that eat a diet of seeds and berries along with insects, however, will wait for ideal weather conditions before they leave. In any case, a bird’s instinct to migrate is very strong, though not fully understood.
Typically, the fall migration of North American songbirds follows a pattern. After the last batch of hatchlings fledge and leave the nest, birds start molting and feasting. With their fresh new feathers, they eat and eat, and in some cases, you may notice some birds appear bulkier than normal. This instinct to eat heavily is called hyperphagia, and the birds do this so they have plenty of energy to make their long-distance, several-week trip to their winter getaway.

As birds prepare to migrate, it stands to reason that your feeder will be a welcome sight. Keep your feeders full and you may spot some new visitors in search of food. To make the most of the season, Lyric Supreme Mix offers a blend of high-quality nuts and seeds, all designed to appeal to the greatest variety of songbirds.