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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

Physical Traits: This small gray-crested bird has large dark eyes with a white breast. He is related closely to the chickadee, and his sound is "Peter! Peter! Peter!"

Habitat: The titmouse has a bowl shaped nest of plant fibers and feathers. They will nest in a hole in a rotten tree or in a nest box. He lives in forests, thickets and visits suburban feeders. He likes seeds, berries and nuts. Commonly found in pairs or family groups.

Recommended Feeder: Large hopper, large tube feeder, platform, small hopper, small tube

Feeder Tips: The titmouse are sure-footed and need no perches. We recommend a rough-wood feeder with openings large enough for the titmouse's beak. Hang your feeder in or near a tree, and always use a squirrel guard, because sunflower seeds and nuts are squirrels' favorites, too.

States and Regions Found: Southeastern Canada, eastern United States and northeastern Mexico

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