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Plain Titmouse
Plain Titmouse

Physical Traits: The Plain titmouse is a small gray bird with a small tuft on its head. The male and female are similar in appearance.

Habitat: The bird can be found in warm, dry open areas of forests. They prefer juniper woodlands. The nest is found in a hole in a tress and is built of grass and shredded bark.

Recommended Feeder: Lyric Chickadee Feeder

Feeder Tips: The titmouse are sure-footed and need no perches. We recommend the Lyric Chickadee Feeder which is a rough-wood feeder with openings large enough for the titmouse's beak. It allows the bird to cling to the rough cedar wood while maneuvering seed from the holes. Hang your Chickadee feeder in or near a tree, and always use a squirrel guard, because sunflower seeds and nuts are squirrels' favorites, too.

States and Regions Found:They reside from Oregon to California.

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