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Mountain Chickadee
Mountain Chickadee

Physical Traits: The Mountain Chickadee sports a black cap with a white eyebrow. This tiny bird has a large head, plump body with a dull white breast and belly, gray wings, and pale gray flanks.

Habitat: The Mountain Chickadee inhabits the dry evergreen forests of the western United States. It can be found above 12,000 feet, but also visits low elevations in Winter. This active bird hang upside down from pine cones, foraging for insects or seeds. Mountain Chickadees nest in natural crevices or cavities or woodpecker holes, sometimes excavating a hole in soft, rotten wood. The female lines the cavity with hair or fur.

Recommended Feeder: Large hopper, large tube feeder, platform, small hopper, or small tube feeder

Feeder Tips:

States and Regions Found: Common from from British Columbia south through the Rocky Mountains and the Cascade and Sierra Mountains in California and western Texas.

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