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Common Redpoll
Common Redpoll

Physical Traits: They are small finch-like birds with a red crown, pinkish breast, and brown-streaked body. The female has a dab of red on her head only.

Habitat: They live in trees or bushes. They also like brushy areas with conifers, catkin-bearing alder or birch trees. Its nest is comprised of twigs and grass in a cup-shaped style. They eat sunflower kernels and niger seed.

Recommended Feeder: Ground, large hopper, large tube, platform, small hopper, small tube

Feeder Tips: Hang a finch feeder from a tree branch. Even on windy days, The Common redpoll will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder. You can also dispense Lyric Finch Mix through a nyjer tube feeder featuring small seed openings to prevent seed from spilling. The tiny holes and short perches make these tubes ideal for redpolls.

States and Regions Found: They are primarily in the northern tier of North America. They are eruptive migrants, which means that they may or may not migrate into more southern areas -- depending upon food supplies.

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