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Chipping Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow

Physical Traits: The Chipping Sparrow is one of the smallest sparrows with an unmarked breast, a white line above the eye and and a black stripe that appears to go through the eye.

Habitat: It nests in ornamental evergreen shrubs. The nest is a loosely woven open cup of rootlets, grasses, and other fine materials. Placed in small tree or shrub, usually a conifer. The nest has a cup shape and is made of loosely woven grasses, roots and other fine materials.

Recommended Feeder: Ground, large hopper, platform feeder, small hopper

Feeder Tips: The Chipping Sparrow will come to most bird feeders. He is accustomed to foraging on the ground for his favorite foods of grasses, small seeds, fruits and insects. To attract sparrows, place a feeder filled with your favorite mix on a platform close to the ground.

States and Regions Found: Eastern Alaska, through Canada. He winters in the southern United States, Mexico and into Central America.

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