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Physical Traits: Tiny bird with a large, rounded head and long tail, ahort, stubby black bill. Plain brown and gray overall, lighter gray below. Males have dark eyes, females have pale yellow eyes

Habitat: Bushtits twitter and move continuously in small flocks, foraging for insects through shrubs, thickets, open pine and oak woodlands and chapparal in the western United States. They make pouch-like nests of moss, lichen, spider webs and grasses which hang suspended beneath a branch.

Recommended Feeder: large hopper, large tube feeder, platform, small hopper, small tube feeder, suet cage

Feeder Tips:

States and Regions Found: Year-round inhabitants of the western United States from Western Washington to West Texas and highland parts of Mexico, ranging from Vancouver through the Great Basin and the lowlands and foothills of California to southern Mexico and Guatemala.

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