Your freshly washed windows look terrific. But when the sky, tree branches and clouds reflect back to the outside world, it creates an illusion of a clear flyway to birds on the wing. That illusion often turns deadly. Between 365 million and 988 million birds are killed every year in the U.S. colliding into windows.

The good news is it’s relatively easy for homeowners to do their part to protect birds and reduce these collisions. Here are a few ideas to consider to make your windows safer without sacrificing the view. 

  • Window film: Adhesive dots, each placed exactly two inches apart, will look like an obstructed flyway in the eyes of a flying bird. 
  • Shade: An awning or an arbor over the window shields much of the reflection. As a bonus, the extra shade can help reduce summer cooling costs.
  • Transparent film: These sheets of film that adhere to the window pane are designed to reduce bird-window collisions. While reducing reflectivity on the outside, perforations let in plenty of natural light and visibility.
  • Screens: If you’re due for a window replacement, a simple solution is to opt for double-hung windows with exterior screens, eliminating the mirror-like reflection of the sky and trees.
  • Feeder placement: Perhaps surprisingly, placing your feeding station next to the window is an effective way to reduce window crashes. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology cites studies that show collisions with windows are much rarer when bird feeders are placed 3 feet or less from the pane.  

A window-side station also gives you and your family an up close view of nature! Try Lyric’s Supreme Mix, full of delicious, high-quality ingredients, like sunflower seeds, pecans and pistachios, to attract a wide range of bird species to your feeder.

Placing feeders next to or on a window can help reduce collisions. iStock/Thinkstock