The summer pleasures of feeding the birds are many. Some, such as the American Goldfinch, sport brighter, more colorful summer plumage. Feeders can give you an up-close view of species that aren’t around in the winter. Better yet, you may even see some fledglings stop by as they follow their parents, begging for a bite.

With these birds of summer flocking to your feeder, it may be time to invest in a handy guide so you can get the most of these warm-weather moments outside your window.

Reliable bird facts at your fingertips

One series we highly recommend for birders of any level is a new series of pocket guides authored by North America’s most respected bird information source, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Cornell’s Feeder Birds series is an inexpensive pamphlet-style publication with 12 fold-out pages from Waterford Press and The Cornell Lab Publishing Group, packed with information to help you identify and learn about the birds that alight on your feeder. There are colorful illustrations of male and female songbird species, along with facts and tidbits on what kind of food and feeders they’re drawn to.     

Because different areas of the country attract different bird species, the Feeder Birds series is broken down to target seven regions in the continental U.S.

Use this information to learn more about what birds like to eat, then turn to Lyric Wild Bird Food as your source to keep your feeders stocked with our fresh, high-quality, bird-tested blends that will keep your feathered friends flocking back