Birds this brilliant and green are a rarity beyond the tropics. But if you head to a nature preserve along the southern coast of Texas you’ll find your best opportunity for a sighting of a brilliantly colored Green Jay. They look like pop art come to life, with their sky-blue heads (and nearly matching beaks), dramatic black markings at the throat and brow, and gradient shades of leafy green and yellow on the body.

Where are Green Jays located?

The Green Jay’s habitat is strictly limited to specific areas. In addition to the Gulf Coast of Texas, they’re also found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. A nearly identical species called Inca Jay can be found through Venezuela and Brazil, but these are smaller and scientists believe they’re a different species.

However, In the U.S., the habitat of the Green Jay is expanding. It’s widened by some 200 miles from its original Rio Grande Valley to an area near San Antonio. Scientists attribute this shift to climate change.

If you’d like to see a Green Jay in action, your best bet is to visit a wildlife refuge near the gulf coast of Texas, in wooded and scrubby areas.

Are Green Jays related to Blue Jays?

Green Jays and Blue Jays are members of the corvid family. Corvids also include other jay species, such as the Scrub-Jay and the Steller’s Jay, as well as crows, magpies, and ravens. They’re widely regarded as highly intelligent for their facial recognition abilities, spatial gifts, use of tools, and a good dose of mischief to boot.

  • Green Jays use tools, as they pry bark with a twig to access insects below.
  • Like other jay species, year-old Green Jays defend their territory while their parents raise the next generation of hatchlings.
  • Green Jays excel at imitating sounds. One of their favorite feeder antics is to mimic hawk calls, so they can have the food to themselves!

They have loads of personality as they interact with members of their foraging flocks with their raucous and varied calls. That is one of the many reasons the Green Jay is such a delight to watch in person.

What do Green Jays eat?

Like other corvids, Green Jays enjoy a rich and varied diet of insects and plant material. Like any Corvid, they’re not shy about visiting a feeding station, especially if it's stocked with their favorite snacks. Lyric Supreme Mix features more than 50% high-protein sunflower seeds and nuts and is sure to draw a colorful crowd.