Many people are fascinated with birds because of their beautiful plumage, their enchanting song, and their ability to fly the skies so freely and easily.

What some don’t realize is that our feathered friends also act as barometers to the environmental health of the world. Researchers point out that the north American wild bird population has dropped by 3 billion since the 1970s.

In support of wild bird populations, the Avian Welfare Coalition asks people to raise awareness by observing National Bird Day each January 5. According to  The goal is “To raise awareness of the hardships and plights of these important animals and how we can initiate the change needed to create a healthier, more sustainable relationship with them”.

The annual date coincides with Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count, a three-week event that represents the most comprehensive scientific survey conducted by citizens each year.

What can you do to observe National Bird Day this year? Consider the following.

Provide birdhouses. In a world of disappearing habitats, you can expand the life spans of your local species by offering them places to nest and protection from both the elements and predators. Roosting houses help groups of birds rest and share warmth in times of cold weather.

Lay out the smorgasbord. The wider span of foods you can offer your local birds, the wider variety of species you’ll be supporting. Choose feed mixes with multiple seeds, nuts, and fruits in order to provide life-giving nutrition to multiple varieties, endangered or not.  

Keep feeders clean. Ward off potentially harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria by removing sodden seed and regularly cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Sustain a bird-friendly habitat. Consider planting shrubs and plants – especially the native varieties that tend to be self-sustaining -- that produce food and/or shelter for local birds. Some may offer up nectar, pollen, fruit, berries, nuts, or seeds, while others may attract insects that can serve as protein sources. In the winter, leave out brush piles for the bird species that prefer them over birdhouses. Reduce the use of pesticides whenever possible.

Serve as a reliable water source. With drought problematic in many areas of the U.S. in 2022, it’s more important than ever to ensure our feathered friends have year-round access to fresh open water for drinking and bathing.

Reduce collisions. Place decals on windows that seem to be confusing birds into crashes.

Brush up on your bird knowledge.  Study up on bird behavior and the key roles they play in our environment.


National Bird Day is a great time to remind ourselves of how much our aviary friends need our support.  When it comes to providing sustenance, pre-hulled mixes such as Lyric Wild Bird Food’s Delite No Waste Mix offer them easy-to-access nutrition with minimal effort.