When you dig into the biology of birds, there’s no shortage of fascinating facts. Here are a few worth sharing!

1. Bird feet come with an 'auto-clutch' feature

Many people wonder why birds don't fall when they sleep. After all, humans can’t maintain our grip on the remote control when we drift off to dreamland! For us, the act of holding something requires a conscious effort.

It’s different for birds. How it works is there’s a tendon at the back of the leg that pulls tight when a bird rests on a perch. This tightening of the tendon makes their toes curl inward to establish a good, tight grip — even when they’re catching z’s. When the bird “stands” more upright to fly or hop, the tendon releases and “unlocks” the toes.

2. Birds can see magnetic fields

Bird vision is super-fascinating, offering plenty for scientists and birders to dig into. One thing that helps birds map out their great migration journeys is their ability to see magnetic fields. For long-distance fliers, it literally helps them map their journey.

3. Birds have ultra-strong frames

Hollow bones let birds maintain a lighter frame for flying. At the same time, the bone material itself is stronger than it looks. Compared to similarly-sized animals, the bones of a songbird are quite dense, designed to withstand the stresses of flight.

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