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Keeping pests away from your stored wild bird food

no rodentsThe ingredients in wild bird food can be especially attractive to unwanted visitors like rodents and moths. Animals can smell openly stored wild bird food. Proper storage can help reduce aroma, protect the food and also help keep food fresh.

Many wild bird food bags have air holes. The aroma is easily omitted from the air holes. Most times even though the holes are small, they are large enough to provide access to meal moths. At minimum, if you are keeping your food in the bag, clip the bag and try to store the bag in a sealed food storage container or tote.

Rubbermaid® or Tupperware® brands offer containers that are good examples. Larger general storage or pet food storage containers are ideal for this purpose.  Using a cereal storage container may also be an alternative. This type of container can safely store food and allow you to easily pour it into a feeder or scoop.

Clean any spilled bird food. Try to keep it in a cool, dry location. Another preventative tip is to use a sonic pest control device. These devices plug into an outlet and emit sound waves that deter rodents and other household pests. A device like Victor’s Sonic Pest Chaser® does not emit sound waves that harm dogs or cats. The prices on sonic devices start at less than $10 each. The devices only cost pennies a day in electricity.

If you are already experiencing a pest problem, Victor® has a full-line of rodent traps, baits and other products to deal with rodent visitors. The sonic devices can also work. If meal moths are a problem, try a Pantry Pest trap from Victor® or Terro®. Always make sure to thoroughly clean any infested areas.

Try to buy wild bird food at least once per month. This approach will help ensure that you have fresh food. Try not to overstock your food so you are not storing it for months. Following the tips in this article should help keep your wild bird food fresh and keep pests away.

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