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The bare essentials: food, water and shelter

If this sounds a lot like the basic needs of humans, you're thinking right. Our backyard friends have many of the same basic needs as human beings, and providing these bare essentials can mean the difference between life and death.

Wild birds rely on three basic survival needs: food, water and shelter. Approximately one-third of adult Americans feed wild birds, and by providing food, water and shelter it helps birds survive, it supplements their daily diets of weed-seeds and chemically treated plants, and provides hours of enjoyment for those watching.

Food - Food is the staple of a wild bird's life. Most wild birds that visit backyard feeders do not weigh more than 2 nickels, and they can expend up to 15% of their body weight each night just trying to stay warm. They spend up to 18 hours a day searching for food supplies, so providing healthy feeder food ensures their stability. Lyric Wild Bird Food is committed to providing healthy, filler-free food. Some wild bird food mixes contain fillers, which are neither healthy nor preferred by wild birds.
Eastern Bluebird
Eastern bluebird © Maria Corcacas

Lyric's specially formulated mixes attract more birds, more often. Each mix contains only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, which means birds come back time and time again for the reliable (and delicious!) food source. Birds also have feeder preferences, so providing the right food in the right feeder means more types of birds, more often.

Water - Birds like birdbaths! Just as humans need to drink water to survive, so do wild birds. Countless species of wild birds are attracted to water features, which increases the birds in the backyard, and provides a lifesaving (and fun) resource. If you offer water, especially if it's dripping or running, you may attract birds that do not feed at feeders. Many types of birds prefer insects or berries, instead of seed.

Shelter - Shelter is essential in a bird's survival. Many species use natural resources to build their nests; however, diminshing natural resources and housing developments can strip a bird's of its natural ecosystem. This can leave species displaced, and in need of shelter. Especially in northern states, non-migratory birds need food, non-frozen water, and shelter to survive. Provide nesting boxes in your yard to ensure a safe-haven for year-round birding!

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