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Learn some common methods to identify America's most common wild birds.

Start attracting some of the most common birds to your backyard feeders.

Discover the natural nesting materials in your own backyard.

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Birdfood and Feeders

Check these tips for feeding and enjoying birds in your small space.

Tips for choosing and placing bird feeders to help your feathered friends through the changing seasons.

Expert advice for provising fresh food through the hot and humid summer mpnths.

Here’s a quick guide to attracting your favorite song birds with straight seeds.

Here are a few things you can do to discourage squirrels at your bird feeders.

You can learn a lot about the personalities of bird species while observing their feeding behavior.

Keeping bird feeders clean will help keep your backyard birds healthy.

You can make this simple, inexpensive wild bird feeder with household items.

Follow these simple tips to ensure winter birds will flock to your backyard feeders.

Did you know that only half of North America's 650 bird species migrate. Learn how these birds find food as winter weather approaches.

Join this backyard bird watching project to help researchers learn more about population trends and movements of songbirds.

Nutritious peanuts pieces will get the attention of a variety of birds, such as jays, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, towhees, and more!

What better time to make a difference for your feathered friends?

Why are there so many kinds of feeders? And does it matter which one you choose?

Try feeding your birds sunflower seeds without their shells - you'll have less mess and less waste.

For bird food mixes, no-waste means 100% edible blends for the birds, no mess under the feeder and a better value for birders.

Learn more about this favorite seed of finches and other small birds.

As birds prepare to migrate in fall, they'll need energy to make the long flight. Here's why your full feeder will be a welcome sight to birds on the move.

Find out what to consider when selecting the perfect spot for your new backyard bird feeder.

For an optimal, up-close birdwatching experience from the comfort of your home, try a window feeder to attract birds year-round.

You can create wonderful bird feeders simply using materials you have around the house - a great family project.

Here's a quick guide to wild bird food mixes and seeds liked most by finches, cardinals and chickadees to help you choose for your backyard birds.

Learn about the benefits that Golden Safflower seed offers to backyard birders and birders alike.

Song birds and bird enthusiasts just can't get enough of Lyric's Fine Tunes wild bird food mix. Here's why.

During fall and winter, many nonmigratory songbirds shift their diets from insects to fruits and seeds to survive. You can supplement your bird seed offerings with nutritional treats such as fruit, nuts, pumpkin seeds and suet to help provide a well-rounded diet and attract a greater variety of feathered friends to your backyard.

Finding food can be especially challenging for birds on extremely cold days. Setting up a backyard feeder makes their lives easier and ours more enjoyable. The question is, what to serve?

Each autumn nature serves a buffet of seeds, berries and nuts. Find out more about the plants, trees and shrubs that are great sources of food for our feathered friends.

The ingredients in wild bird food can be especially attractive to unwanted visitors like rodents and moths. Follow the tips in this article to help keep your wild bird food fresh and keep pests away.

A new wild bird food has been developed: NutraSaff™ golden safflower provides the dual benefit of high nutrition for birds and a taste that deters squirrels.

Don't miss out on early morning bird feeding peak. Here's why early morning is a great time to fill your wild bird feeders.

The pricing on wild bird food commodities has unfortunately been, well, “wild” the past couple years. Here are 10 money-saving tips for getting the most from your bird food purchases.

Sunflower seed is the most popular food used to feed wild birds. There are many kinds of sunflower seeds, and providing the right kind is key to attracting the greatest variety of birds to your background feeder.

Not many of us could! In general, birds eat at least half their own weight each day, with a diet of mainly of fruit, seeds, insects and some even eat small animals.

It’s more important than ever to preserve or replace natural nesting sites with housing that we provide for them.

Knowing some basics about birdfood will help you attract the birds you want.

Serve up a tasty platter of their favorite seed or suet, and the birds you love will flock to your yard!

Many people do not realize that neglecting to clean your feeders puts our feathered friends at risk of contracting life-threatening diseases.

How does anyone decide the best place to locate a bird feeder? Find out here.

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