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Premium Wild Bird Food Mixes

Filler free all natural blends with fruit, nuts, seeds and corn. A complete meal

in a bag.

Straight Wild Bird Food Staples

Premium, fresh seeds, nuts, and corn. Perfect as a main course or paired with any

Lyric mix.

Save 10% on 20 lb. bags of Lyric Finch Mix
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Discover the Wonders of Birding - Info on wild birds, their habitats, behavior, care, feeder tips and more.

Your leading supplier of premium wild bird food online! Attract more wild birds to your bird feeders with our premium quality, hand-crafted, no waste bird food mixes and straight seeds and nuts. Whether you’re looking to attract chickadees or cardinals, woodpeckers or finches, Lyric premium wild bird food has the freshest, high-quality bird seed and delivery direct to you.

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