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Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow

Physical Traits: This little bird has heavy, brown streaks that converge to form a dark spot in center of breast; It has a "mustache" on each side of its head, and is gray and brown above. You can tell if its a Song Sparrow, because it pumps its tail in flight. While the females migrate, males do not.

Habitat: Song Sparrows are in brushy cover, near water. It prefers a diet of seeds and invertebrates. Its nest is often located near water, built of grass and hidden in brush.

Recommended Feeder: Ground, platform feeder

Feeder Tips: As the Song Sparrow feeds primarily on the ground in or near the protection of dense underbrush and shrubs, we recommend you place a platform feeder in a protected open space with shrubs and trees nearby. The Song Sparrow will frequent feeders, nervously perching at the feeder and scavanging dropped seed below it.

States and Regions Found: They are located in much of North America except for the extreme north.

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