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Lesser Goldfinch
Lesser Goldfinch

Physical Traits: The male Lesser Goldfinch is a small bird with a bright yellow body with dark wings and a black back (black in the east and dark green in the west). The female is duller in color and without the black marking.

Habitat: Their nests are made of small stems and grass, cup-shaped, and are found in forks of trees. They nest in late July. The Lesser Goldfinch can be found in habitats that range from woodlands to suburban gardens.

Recommended Feeder: Ground, large hopper, large tube, platform, small hopper, small tube

Feeder Tips: Hang a tube feeder from a branch. Even on windy days, finches will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder.

States and Regions Found: The Lesser Goldfinch can be found from Washington, Oregon, and northern Nevada east to northern Colorado and Texas, and as for south as Mexico.

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