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House Sparrow
House Sparrow

Physical Traits: The small stocky songbird has a thick bill, short legs and usually stays near people and buildings. The male is distinguished by it white cheeks, black throat, chest and bill. The female is a dull brown color all over with a yellowish eye stripe and bill.

Habitat: The House Sparrow was introduced into North America from Europe in the 1850's. It can be found from British Columbia all the way to Central America. The nest is a ball with a side opening comprised of miscellaneous vegetation, features, string and paper scraps. It is tucked into the cavities of buildings or trees.

Recommended Feeder: Ground, large hopper, large tube feeder, platform

Feeder Tips: Place a platform feeder in a protected area that offers the safety of trees or shrubs. The House Sparrow will also be present near other types of feeders, feeding on dropped seeds. To attract sparrows, place a blend of millet and sunflower seeds in a ground feeder.

States and Regions Found: It can be found from British Columbia all the way to Central America.

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