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Kid's Korner

Hello - I'm Dr. Jay Robbins, resident birding expert here at LYRIC!

Please join me in helping protect birds and other wildlife species we love. Would you like to go birding with me? It's going to take a good eye to spot all of the wild birds in the activities below.

Are you ready? Let's choose an activity!


Activity Center

Printable coloring pages

Baltimore Oriole
Blue Jay
Black-capped Chickadee
Printable word search
Search for the Bird Word
Arts and Crafts
Peanut Butter Pine Cone Delite
Supreme Koffee Kan Feeder

Observation Center


Recording your bird sightings is a very important part of birding. You can learn a lot about a bird's habitat, behavior and even what they like to eat by simply watching them!

To get started, it's easy. Just print out the observation log below, go outside and sit in a quiet place where you can listen, watch and write. Bring a camera along and take pictures of your favorite birds. When you're finished, visit our Birds section and see if you can identify any of the birds you saw!

Bird Observation Log

Learning Center

Learn some common methods to identify America's most common wild birds.

Teacher's Korner

In this interactive game of tag, your students become the predators and the prey. They learn how we are all an important part of the food chain.

Lyric Lesson 1: Food Chain Tag

Let their imaginations run wild - where students interpret some of our most common sayings and proverbs.

Lyric Lesson 2: That's Just Ducky!

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